Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

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Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

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Loving Aria by Leelah Renn
Series: Vox Tenor #2
Rating: five-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 322
Published: 26/07/2022
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My heart only beats for my three men, but a New Year’s Eve countdown may stop it cold.

Even though we’re traumatized and exhausted, I’m thankful for this pocket of time to recover and plan what’s next. My love for Mateo, Einar, and Nikola grows stronger every day as we hide from not one, but two opposing forces.

December should be a time of celebration, but instead, we’re terrified, trying to figure a way out of this nightmare. The devoted and protective men of Vox Tenor are still determined to save me.

Despite feeling raw and fragile, my men turn their comfort into pleasure and I can’t help but give in. I’ll take those passionate moments with me to the grave. Because I know, as the final hour of the year approaches and impossible decisions loom, all my choices will lead to the same chilling fate.

I knew this couldn’t last and I need to save my men from the danger that’s chasing me. My past as Embry won’t allow my present as Aria to survive much longer.

How can I allow Mateo, Einar, and Nikola to pay the ultimate price for loving Aria?

If you’re ready to continue this epic tale of unconventional love and danger, “Loving Aria” is the second book in The Vox Tenor series. Book Two ends in a cliff-hanger. Please heed the content warning in the beginning of the book. Mature Readers only.

Loving Aria - My Review

Book review from Glowstars.net, 5 stars. Book cover: Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

At the start of the year Loving Aria was the book I was most desperate to get on my Kindle in 2022. Leelah Renn set the bar insanely high with her debut novel, Becoming Aria, but could book 2 in the Vox Tenor series live up to its predecessor? The answer is yes. Absolutely. In every way.

Side note: It’s gonna be tough to write this review without getting all spoilery over book 1. The final chapter of Becoming Aria flows into the first chapter of Loving Aria so seamlessly that they could have been written with only a full stop between them. The storyline in book 2 is fuelled by the final chapters of book 1 so it’s pretty much impossible to keep quiet about the events that brought the characters to this point. You have been warned.

Teaser: Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

A large portion of the storyline is driven by fear. Despite her ex-husband being behind bars, Aria knows that his associates are coming for her. Then there’s the added complication that an additional group has been thrown into the mix and nobody can figure out who they are or what they want with her. Aria, the men of Vox Tenor and Roz are all suffering from PTSD in different ways and it’s impossible to tell who can be trusted or who is working for any of the numerous other teams.

Much like the previous book, the story is rich in imagery and refuses to allow you to imagine yourself anywhere but the precise location the author wants you. I’ve never been to Spain but Renn made me feel like I’ve lived in a hacienda and experienced all it has to offer. The different cultures from which the characters originate are expertly blended without losing any of their individual charms. It makes for a worldly and joyous atmosphere against the backdrop of Christmas and New Year.

My brave Valkyrie prepares herself to do battle with Cockzilla.

Those who wanted more steam in the first book will not be disappointed by this one. Each of the guys finds their moment with Aria, and while Renn knows how to crank up the heat, these chapters are also filled with realism. Erectile dysfunction, body image issue and the difficulties of dealing with unusual size are all broached sensitively and are framed as points of character growth rather than major issues.

Teaser: Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

I found the story to be beautifully emotional, not just because of the fear the characters feel over their current situation. Renn dives deep into the minds of her protagonists, drawing on their pasts to bring out the emotion in their present. In the first book, we saw a lot of both Mat and Nik’s pasts and how they have shaped them. This time around we get a much better feel for Einar and the events that brought him to this point. The book hints at what happened with the mysterious Giselle (that prequel will be released later this year) and how the experience impacts the men’s relationships with each other and Aria.

Teaser: Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

If Becoming Aria proved that Renn is a Master at writing a cliffhanger, Loving Aria only confirms it. You could see it coming a mile off but still not know exactly how things would happen or what would go down. In the last few chapters of the book, I was continually surprised, not just by events but also by the strength the characters found within themselves. The final paragraphs were a sucker punch I could never have anticipated. I thought I got it, thought that I understood, and I messaged Renn to tell her so. She then provided me with another three possible options and now I don’t know which way is up nor how book 3 might possibly play out.

I’ve read some blinding books this year but none of them can quite compare to Loving Aria. Renn’s writing is magical and draws together a perfect balance of character, plot, location and emotion. It doesn’t get better than this.

About Leelah Renn

Leelah Renn

Leelah Renn has been around … literally. Well travelled and curious, she draws from her adventures (thus far) to write sensual, escapist, Why Choose/Reverse Harem Romantic Suspense. With a tinge of humor and heavy-handed with harrowing predicaments, Ms. Renn makes her Leading Lady and her men earn their happily ever after.

Leelah loves hearing from her readers, especially if they’re willing to share their travel adventures.

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