Tour Announcement: Loving Aria By Leelah Renn

The second book in the Vox Tenor series, “Loving Aria” is set to release on July 26.

We were left on one helluva cliff-hanger at the end of “Becoming Aria” with Aria and her men escaping the Moroccan compound. 

Are you ready to continue this epic tale of unconventional love and danger? 

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The Vox Tenor trilogy is about a woman forced to reinvent herself and, in the process, discovers who she really is: a woman of strength, honour, and resilience. She also discovers, thanks to her devoted harem, the true meaning of love. 

Craving a reverse harem a little different from what you’ve been reading?

✔️ All characters 35 years old and up
✔️ Sweet and protective pre-established harem
✔️ Damsel in distress (what is hunting her is scary AF), but she’s brave
✔️ Giant/Oversized MMC (🍆eggplant alert) who’s a sweet Golden Retriever type
✔️ Jealous/Possessive Alpha roll
✔️ Multiple POVs including FMC’s best friend
✔️ HUGE twisty plot that will keep you guessing throughout the whole series 
✔️ Nail-biting cliff-hangers (sorry, not sorry) 

The Vox Tenor series must be read in order:

  • Becoming Aria – Book One
  • Loving Aria – Book Two 
  • Finding Aria – Book Three 

CONTENT WARNING: violence, torture, sexual situations, attempts at self-harm, suicide ideation, post-traumatic stress disorder, pregnancy loss (no description, off-page). For mature readers only. Please read with care.

Tour Announcement: Loving Aria By Leelah Renn

Book Info

Loving Aria by Leelah Renn
Series: Vox Tenor #2
Rating: five-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published: 26/07/2022
Available on
Purchase at: Amazon | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU
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My heart only beats for my three men, but a New Year’s Eve countdown may stop it cold.

Even though we’re traumatized and exhausted, I’m thankful for this pocket of time to recover and plan what’s next. My love for Mateo, Einar, and Nikola grows stronger every day as we hide from, not one, but two opposing forces.

December should be a time of celebration, but instead we’re terrified, trying to figure a way out of this nightmare. The devoted and protective men of Vox Tenor are still determined to save me.

Despite feeling raw and fragile, my men turn their comfort into pleasure and I can’t help but give in; I’ll take those passionate moments with me to the grave. Because I know, as the final hour of the year approaches and impossible decisions loom, all my choices will lead to the same chilling fate.

I knew this couldn’t last and I need to save my men from the danger that’s chasing me. My past as Embry won’t allow my present as Aria to survive much longer.

How can I allow Mateo, Einar, and Nikola to pay the ultimate price for loving Aria.

About Leelah Renn

Leelah Renn

Leelah Renn has been around … literally. Well travelled and curious, she draws from her adventures (thus far) to write sensual, escapist, Why Choose/Reverse Harem Romantic Suspense. With a tinge of humor and heavy-handed with harrowing predicaments, Ms. Renn makes her Leading Lady and her men earn their happily ever after.

Leelah loves hearing from her readers, especially if they’re willing to share their travel adventures.

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