Book Cover: Retribution by Michaella Dieter

Retribution by Michaella Dieter

It’s taken me days to sit and write this review and I’m still struggling to gather my thoughts. This book absolutely blew me away and I’m not talking about a gust of wind. This was a full-on clash of tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms. Dieter started dealing out the shocking twists at the beginning of the book and kept them coming throughout. I never knew

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Book Cover: The Devil's Weakness by Murphy Wallace

The Devil’s Weakness by Murphy Wallace

You know those characters that you immediately take a liking to because they’re completely relatable and manage to say all the things that you’d keep inside your head? Well, Sasha is definitely one of those. I love her combination of sass and attitude coupled with her vulnerability and a healthy dose of fear. I also admire her ability to stand up for what she believes

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