Tour Announcement: Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

Tour Announcement: Loving Aria By Leelah Renn

The second book in the Vox Tenor series, “Loving Aria” is set to release on July 26. We were left on one helluva cliff-hanger at the end of “Becoming Aria” with Aria and her men escaping the Moroccan compound.  Are you ready to continue this epic tale of unconventional love and danger?  Haven’t read “Becoming Aria” yet? Find it here in Kindle Unlimited: “Loving

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Book Cover: Embers by Yolanda Olson

Embers by Yolanda Olson

I thought that having binged my way through Cinere and Sparks, I was ready for Embers. I really was not. After a brief interlude visiting Mom in the last book, this one takes us back to the timeline followed in Inferno and Cinere. Now Darby’s all grown up (if you can call a woman who’s around 20 years old grown up) and has kids of

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Book Cover: Sparks by Yolanda Olson

Sparks by Yolanda Olson

If you’ve already read this far in Yolanda Olson’s Inferno series, you’ll know that Luke Greene and his family are a little unconventional. If you’ve not taken the plunge yet, Sparks is a quick (okay, that’s an understatement) read that will show you how Luke ended up the way he is. It’s a bit of a shock that Mama Greene was a nun before she

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Book Cover: Cinere by Yolanda Olson

Cinere by Yolanda Olson

You know how sometimes you read a novella so quickly that it’s a real shock when the ending arrives? Well, Cinere is one of those books. I reached the end of the final chapter and all I could think was “where’s the rest of the story?” Thankfully I’ve got the following two books in the Inferno series lined up and ready to go. Cinere takes

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Book Cover: The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace

The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace

I’ll be honest, this boxset has been sitting on my Kindle for over a year and I’ve never gotten around to reading it. It was one of those ones that I knew I wanted to pick it up, but deadlines and other dramas always got in the way. Now I’ve read it, I don’t know why I waited so long because it’s a gripping story

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Book Cover: Start A War by Elle Thorpe

Start A War by Elle Thorpe

I remember when the Saint View Prison series ended, Elle Thorpe asked her Facebook group which guy characters they liked the most. A large number of us responded not with any of the series’ main characters, but with a supporting role: the unusual and definitely psychopathic hitman, Vincent. I mean doesn’t everybody love your friendly neighbourhood psycho? When I realised that Vincent was co-starring, it

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Book Cover: When The Bloom Burns by Selena Michaels and YD La Mar

When The Bloom Burns by Selena Michaels and YD La Mar

This book was one of those where I didn’t entirely know what to expect. The blurb was vague but intriguing, and knowing YD La Mar, the story could contain anything from normal, everyday people to giant monsters. Loving the work of both authors, it was a given that I’d be totally into the book whatever way they chose to write. I was absolutely blown away

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Book Cover: Depraved by AJ Merlin

Depraved by AJ Merlin

I’ll admit that this book didn’t captivate me in the first few chapters. It’s a slow build with lots of scene setting, and I just wanted to jump straight into AJ Merlin‘s brand of action. You know, the sexy, dirty and downright lascivious action. It’s definitely worth persevering with this read because in chapter 6 the story explodes in the most delectable way. Depraved is

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Book Cover: Indulging Their Little by Leslie Ayla

Indulging Their Little by Leslie Ayla

Let me start out by saying that Indulging Their Little is absolutely the cutest story! I’d never read a DD/lg book before I got the chance to read Leslie Ayla‘s first novel, Their Precious Princess. Back then, little did I know how eagerly I would await the release of her second book. Let me tell you, this story is a feel-good snuggly hug while drinking

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