Revenge of the Syndicate by Natalie Nicole

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Revenge of the Syndicate by Natalie Nicole

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Revenge of the Syndicate by Natalie Nicole
Series: The Syndicate #2
Rating: three-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 187
Published: 22/10/2021
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They took her. They took the one thing in our miserable lives that means anything to us.

When we find her. Revenge will be had.

But with that revenge, secrets must unravel.

Truths must be told.

But with the revelations... Questions arise.

Will our bonds of trust be shattered beyond repair?

Will the demons that lurk below the surface finally consume us into their darkness?

How can we defeat the constant blows coming our way?

Well, the answer is simple. We fight like hell.

But when the biggest setback comes our way?

We may just be royally screwed.

Trigger warning: This book has significantly more triggers and is darker than the first book. See the trigger warning page at the beginning of the book for more details.

Revenge of the Syndicate – My Review

I loved Natalie Nicole’s first book, Saints of the Syndicate, so I was eager to get started with Revenge of the Syndicate and see if it measured up.

Unfortunately, it didn’t come close.

I’m going to have to pause at this point and say that this review will seem cryptic as I’m trying very hard not to give away any spoilers.

Oh, fucking well. I’m not going to sit there and get my ass kicked so they can suck a donkey cock.

It seemed that all those secrets being hidden throughout the first book were just thrown open for all to see. Apart from one hissy fit that Bethani throws, all these revelations are taken as easily as I down a cup of coffee. They could have made for some serious internal debate, arguments and angry sex but instead, they just happen and everything is accepted far too easily. And some of those revelations should not have been easy to take.

Teaser: Revenge of the Syndicate by Natalie Nicole

The story is stretched over months but it doesn’t flow seamlessly through the days. It’s more like a frog hopping from lilypad to lilypad. There were numerous chapters where I could have put the book down and read something else before coming back to it because it was a mini conclusion in itself, with nothing to urge me to read on. It felt a bit like reading about numerous events with little tying them together.

Teaser: Revenge of the Syndicate by Natalie Nicole

One huge trigger for Revenge of the Syndicate is miscarriage. While it is written sensitively, I felt that the book glossed over the huge impact it would have on the characters, and their acceptance and healing. Their grieving feels instantaneous and not the long, drawn-out and twisting journey that it can often be. This is where the bouncing timeline doesn’t help as it’s too easy for the story to miss the small details where it could become incredibly emotionally powerful.

“You really think I’m going to let anyone see only Declan with a ring on and think they can take a crack at you two? Hell no. I’ll be a bitch blue with a bat if any of them thirst sluts even try to look your way.”

To be honest, Revenge of the Syndicate felt like filler between a brilliant first book and, what will hopefully be an awesome third. You’re going to want to read it, but it may be better left until you have the third in your hands.

Why you should read Saints of the Syndicate
  • Bethani is (still) a kick-ass FMC with tons of sass.
  • Fabulous new characters join the family
  • Killer cliffhanger.

About Natalie Nicole

Natalie Nicole

Natalie Nicole is a 30 year old purple haired stay at home mom to her rad kid, 2 dogs and cat. An occasional bartender and now full time author, Saints of the Syndicate is the debut novel of a hopefully long career.

With no specific writing genre, you won’t know what comes out next other than the given that it’s not something for a kid.

That’s it for now…Because you know writing a novel is much easier than attempting to talk about yourself.

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